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Chiropractor Lynnwood WA

Welcome to Osborne Chiropractic located in Lynnwood, WA. At Osborne Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on following the best and most up to date research available. We understand that there is not one fix for every back problem, and so there should be a different treatment program for every patient. We utilize our expertise in doing a thorough history, comprehensive orthopedic and neurological examination, spinal x-rays, and functional evaluation to determine the best program for your condition. You can rest assured that our Lynnwood chiropractor will explain what is causing your pain and will give you options to fix the problem.

What Makes Us Different

What sets us apart is that we strive for long-term solutions to people’s everyday problems. We are s a strong believer in working with you to fix what can be fixed and giving you tools to manage your conditions for the rest of your life. We want you to get the quick pain relief that most people are looking for and more!

Common Conditions We Help

Common conditions that we see great success with treating are motor vehicle accident injuries, work injuries, headaches, neck pain, middle back pain, low back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, and general burning, achiness, numbness, and/or tingling.

Common Misconceptions About Chiropractic

My friend went to a Chiropractor and now says that they have to go for the rest of their life.

Most people enjoy getting care after their scheduled plan is complete. We do not ‘force’ anyone to continue to come in. Once your body knows what if feels like to be in good health you will know if, and when, you need to come back. Some people prefer monthly maintenance care. Others like to drop in when they feel symptoms from doing too much.

I have been told by my other Doctors that I will have to live with this pain.

This one is difficult because it can vary a large degree depending on the condition and if there are underlying complications. There have been a lot of patients that come in with that mindset and are pleasantly surprised how they improve. Our chiropractor is not afraid of referring out to other providers either. Great minds think alike, and the more eyes on your case, the better your chances of changing your problem from “live with it” to something much better.

Chiropractors are not real doctors.

Chiropractic education is on par with MD and other Doctors’ education. The curriculums in general have the same number of classroom education hours. Chiropractic education is more in depth on the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, physiology, and techniques for delivering care. General practitioners’ education tends to be more in depth on pharmacology, general surgery, and Immunology. The biggest difference is the residency MD students must go through at a hospital after they receive their MD or DO.


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